Ekouaer: My Favorite Maternity/Nursing PJs

I used to always sleep in a T-shirt or nightgown, and this was more than adequate well into third trimester. After a certain point though, the belly was just too big for the T-shirt to comfortably fit over. I also realized that I would need something with nursing access, as I figured I’d be nursing the baby all day and all night long. I needed it to be still ultra comfortable, hopefully stylish, and I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg!

My first set of maternity pjs I ordered on a leap of faith from an unknown brand based on good Amazon reviews. Amazon is littered with random Chinese brands with names that look like jumbles of English letters with no meaning, and I’m often wary of products from these brands as they are often disappointing. Much to my surprise, these PJs turned out to be amazing!

Ekouaer Womens Sleepshirt Button Down Nightgown

They are so comfortable, very stylish, and launder up well. I ordered my pre-pregnancy size and they fit over the pregnant (and postpartum) belly no problem. They are knit so they have a lot of stretch, and they are silky soft. The buttons undo for nursing access, but aren’t uncomfortable to sleep with. I took these to the hospital with me and they were pretty much all I wore in those first 48 hours. I loved these PJs so much that I ordered a second one in navy blue. Then, I discovered the other styles!

They are all made of the same stretchy and soft knit. I pretty much wear them day in and day out, and all of them have held up perfectly in the wash. They are great for night time as well as around the house with baby. I am constantly trying to come up with excuses to order more pairs of pajamas but unfortunately my dresser drawer which holds them is now bursting so I guess I’ll have to hold off for now!