My Nanit is Broken Again: Important Safety Update

This is an important safety update on my Nanit baby camera with floor stand. I’ve had it for about two years now, and this morning I woke to hear a loud crash. At first I thought it was the bath toys falling off the wall where they are held by (rather weak) suction cups but then I realized it was coming from my toddler’s room. Then we quickly checked our Nanit and it was not showing a video feed. Then we checked our Nest cam and it didn’t seem as though the Nanit was there at all!

I went over there to discover the whole apparatus had fallen over on the floor, between the crib and the wall of the room. There was a break in the floor stand near the bottom. Because the floor stand is made up of segments that screw into each other, I thought that maybe somehow a segment became unscrewed? But, it turns out, the screw was perfectly fine. The plastic part that screws into the segment just broke apart.

Floor stand completely broken

The Nanit head was on the floor and I just feel lucky it didn’t hurt anyone as it went over. This Nanit has given us a decent amount of headaches over the past two years. We’ve replaced it at least twice for broken audio/white noise, and finally just bought a dedicated white noise machine. The latest replacement unit still has broken audio too.

For the price of this gadget, the number of times we’ve had to replace it, and now this…I will not be getting a Nanit again for the next baby that’s for sure.