The Best Changing Pad Liners!

Changing pads are a pretty prominent feature of any nursery. A piece of advice we got before baby came was to get multiple sets of changing pad covers. But changing pad covers were so expensive, at $30 each! And the baby was constantly peeing all over the pad every time he was changed, that we literally had to do laundry constantly to launder those changing pad covers. Then, we discovered these awesome pads.

So there are such things as changing pad liners, officially, but those can be expensive too. These are technically incontinence pads? But they are bigger, cheaper, sturdier, and pretty much just awesome. They have a soft surface which is easy to lay baby down on and definitely do a good job keeping the pee and poop off of the changing pad and its cover. They are much easier to change out than the actual changing pad cover, which is more like a fitted sheet and you have to pry it up or snap it around every time. These ones, you just lay down, and then pick up and toss in the laundry when you need to. Go get some. Do less laundry. Spend less time changing the “sheets” on your changing pad. You’re welcome.